Dr. Lynne Meyer

Dr. Lynne Meyer

Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Lynne Meyer, Inc. is based in Beverly Hills, California. I have been practicing as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years and offer consultation, counseling, and therapy. I provide therapy for trauma and abuse, high-conflict custody, bipolar disorder, and general concerns. As part of my commitment to preventing problems, I help both parties battling for custody maintain a healthy relationship.


My ideal client is someone who wants to understand what is not working in their lives and allows me to help them to learn and to grow. I think it’s a collaborative effort on my part as well as the client. I see each client as bringing a unique internal perspective that needs to be thought about carefully and with insight.
I work with trauma, abuse, bi polar, depression, high conflict custody and divorce, anxiety, attachment issues and self regulation. Self regulation is having a stable sense of self.This is difficult when faced with trauma and stress. I am from South Africa and work with people around the world who relocate and have adjustment challenges.
 My goal is to help people struggling with trauma to regain stability and strength as well as insight into their issues. I believe that everyone has an innate ability to grow and learn. I enjoy helping people accomplish that goal and live better and more productive lives.

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